A Date In NYC In The Evening: Top Tips For Planning!

New York City is among the most romantic cities in the entire world! When you are in love, there are endless things to see, do and enjoy in this iconic city. If you are confused about planning an evening date, here are some quick tips, ideas and suggestions for your help.

Plan a jazz date

Jazz is immensely enjoyable, even if you are not a true fan of the genre. All you need is a restaurant with live music, and you can spend the evening enjoying with your beloved. Many clubs do have special shows and events on weekends and other days on the summer, so check their event calendar and book in advance.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

This is hands down the most romantic experience you can have in NYC. Reach the Brooklyn Bridge before dusk and start walking towards the other end. While the crowd can be a bummer, we promise that the views will make up for it. The walk can take around 30 minutes or so, and it’s memorable, no matter how many times you have been here.

After Hours Comedy

If you and your partner are fan of comedy clubs, you can find many shows in NYC that start pretty late after 10 pm. This is an ideal way to explore the comedy scene in the city that has new and inspiring performers coming up now and then. For couples who don’t want a cliché date, this should work for your evening.

Go for bowling

Many couples prefer engaging and activity-filled dates, and if you are one of them, you should go for bowling. In Brooklyn, you will find many options, including places like The Gutter that are open till 4 am in the morning. Note that bowling clubs may have restrictions – typically age of 21 or more. Many places also have live music.

Enjoy a spa together

What can be more pleasurable and enjoyable than a spa together in the evening? Places like Yoga Spa NYC are pretty popular, and some like Renewing Spa are open late in the night, so you can have a light dinner and spend the evening pampering yourself and your partner. Do get a booking in advance though, especially on weekends.

NYC is not just fun but is also engaging even on a Monday. Planning your date is all about exploring what you really want to indulge in, with your beloved of course.

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