Cuckoo husband: interracial cuckold fetish. Why do men like being a cuckold?

The definition of cuckold appeared in the Middle Ages. This was the name given to a husband who was unaware of his wife’s infidelity and often discovered this only when a child was born that was clearly not like him. In centuries of arranged marriages, a wedding between a young girl and an elderly man was one of the leading subjects in art. Jealous deceived husbands became heroes of tragedies and comedies.

What is cuckolding?

In the modern world, cuckolding has become a sexual fetish that has variations, in particular interracial cuckold. Cuckolds are not only aware of their wife’s infidelity, but also observe it. It is important that in the process the observer feels like a victim. That is, this sexual fetish is about submission and humiliation. It is often associated with BDSM.

A partner for the wife superior to the man in physical terms or penis size often. These relationships can put a woman in a dominant position over her man; he only gets pleasure from it.

Interracial cuckolding has been able to enhance the pleasure of such a fetish for some people. Since interracial sexual relations have long been very taboo in society. Therefore, for some couples breaking two taboos at once: infidelity in marriage and interracial sexual relationships have become a special type of cuckolding that brings special pleasure.

Despite the presence of third parties in sexual relationships, cuckolding is not swinging or a polyamorous relationship. In such entertainment, only the woman has sex with other partners, while the man remains monogamous with his wife or partner. Also, for a woman, relationships on the side are exclusively sexual in nature; she does not build romantic relationships with third partners.

Why do men like being a cuckold?

The Kinsey Institute study of four thousand American men found that 58% of them fantasized about sharing their wife with another man. So what do men find in cuckolding?

  1. Element of taboo. In our society, there has long been an opinion that relationships should be monogamous, and a man cannot want to see his wife having sex with another man.
  2. The inability to accept homosexuality. Some men who cannot or do not want to admit that they are gay have an excellent opportunity to become a mediator in the sexual relationship between their woman and another man.
  3. Desire for submission. For many men, taking the burden of responsibility away from sex can be a great way to relax and just have fun.
  4. Voyeurism. Many of us have fantasized about spying on someone at least once. For a husband, the idea of watching his wife with another man becomes quite hot.
  5. Sexual health problems, impotence.

Of course, the reasons for the emergence of sexual fetish have not been fully studied yet. But it has a place in any couples who want to have fun and they both like this type of relationship.

What is cuckold for women?

Modern research shows that women are increasingly less willing to tolerate dissatisfaction in couple relationships. This is also noticeable in various non-monogamous types of relationships.

If previously it was generally accepted that a woman should hush up sexual problems in marriage and put up with dissatisfaction, now this is going away. Thanks to modern advancements in many industries, the porn and feminization, it is absolutely normal for a woman to accept her sexuality and non-monogamy.

Therefore, cuckolding is a fetish that brings pleasure to both partners in a couple and allows them to enjoy life and accept themselves as they are.

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