Penises have always played an important role in every man’s life. Penises have been an organ or pride and confidence in a man. We have all heard of the saying that men think from their penises, and for some cases, this saying seems to be very true. Humans are creatures with sexual needs, and a penis marks a very important factor regarding sex for a man. What matters most in terms of a penis, is the size of it. Men have always regarded large penises to be a sign of a better potency and increased virility. Therefore, men with larger penises are always regarded as someone with a higher sexual power. It is true that most women find large penises more attractive in males because they provide a deeper penetration and can help a woman reach orgasm quicker. So, a large penis comes handy for satisfying a woman.

Penises have an average size as well. Most penises grow up to 5.5 inches in male, whereas there are several men in the world with penises larger than this size. There are porn stars who you can check out on the internet with penis sizes ranging from nine to ten inches. Also, penises do not grow in men for all their lives. For an average man, penises stop growing after the age of sixteen to twenty. There are several factors as well that matter in increasing or decreasing your penis size. Keeping all this in mind, there are also certain artificial and natural ways that can help a man increase his penis size and boost his sexual confidence.


STRETCHING: Stretching is an old way that helps to increase penis size. For this method the man has to stretch the penis in a normal way up to a certain extend for about a few times every day. Stretching regularly increases blood flow in the penis. There are also numerous stretching devices available online and otherwise that can help you stretch your penis. Before trying out this procedure, every man is advised to consult a doctor. There have been many reports of this method going horribly wrong and resulting in several bad effects. Rashes and itchiness have been one of the most common symptoms. This method is a pretty good one, and can give you significant results if used properly and for a certain period of time, but can also prove to be hazardous if done without caution or doctor’s advice.

PENIS ENTENDER:Penis Extender is a device that can be used to increase your penis size. The penis extender is a device that is worn everyday for a few hours or maybe overnight that gives results with the help of the cell reflection technique. Dr. Dylan Smith regards this as the best penis enlarging method on his blog, Maleplus.com. It is also advised to talk to a doctor before trying out this procedure.

SURGICAL OPTIONS: There is the final option of surgery. You can use penis enlargement surgery to increase the size of your penis. But there are certain limitations and health hazards related to it, and it is advised to talk to a doctor thoroughly before going for this procedure.


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