HIV Prevention Research: You Are Not Alone In This.

Some very depressing and disheartening diseases make people vulnerable to life to themselves. Like cancer, a person coming across this disease feels or thinks that they are not going to live anymore. Instead, they are going to die soon, which is wrong thinking in the long run. The same comes with the idea of HIV Aids, this too is another deadly disease, and the proportion to which people can survive is significantly less.

What does prevention research say? researches on this vital disease that how many of the population are affected by it and that to how they are being affected. It is always sexual or due to some other reason, which may be environmental or genetic. It is a dangerous disease as there is no cure for it.

How does HIV happen?

  • Sexual intercourse

Some people get along with life pretty well. They work there best and then to satisfy their basic need and desire for their body, they get along with different aspects from where they may get all these issues fulfilled, but the person who is having this disease only if one has sexual intercourse with that person then will be affected by it.

  • Injection

Many hospitals or firms do this blood test, and they use the same syringe for two to more people, which is an illegal and dangerous thing to do. By this mistake, one may lose his or her life in the coming days by this disease. Suppose a person is HIV positive, and that same syringe is used for someone else. That person may also test HIV positive.

  • Used blade

There are local train vendors, shopkeepers who use the same blade to cut fruits, vegetables and there is not a problem but shops like barbershop who cuts hair and does shave they should use a new knife for every individual rather than using used blades as this can also be a reason for communicable disease passing from one’s scalp to another’s.

Drawbacks of having this issue

  • Isolation

Such patients are kept isolated as the disease is contagious, and they are way more dangerous. And also, such patients need particular attention for the time being. They need support in the long run as the virus starts eating the body from inside and kills on with less stamina.

  • Death

The request of this disease is death, and thus it is painful to accept the truth of one this disease.

Such people need support, and they need people around them; as long they live, they should be getting all the happiness they are left with to experience.

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