Is it still profitable to work as a webcam model?

A couple of years ago the culture of webcam girls became the boom of the moment. Many began to opt for this profitable business model that meant large monthly income, but now the picture has changed. It is no secret to anyone that the erotic and sex industry has been one of the great mobilizers of the economy of many countries. With the rise of technology, porn movies stood aside and gave way to internet pages and online forums.

As a result of that a form of work arose that began to be known as that of the webcam models. Women of legal age who do erotic shows online. It became so famous in the world, that there are even events like the Adult Webcam Awards, held annually in Las Vegas, United States and that brings together the most popular models.

The business ended up being so lucrative that even in Colombia thousands of young women were given the task of preparing and exercising this work. But during the last year its growth has been so much that the competition is increasingly fierce. In fact, this is because the number of models has increased by 30%.

A year ago there were 20,000 or 25,000 models of Live sex cams in the country, today there are more than 35,000, and it is a global phenomenon. 3 years ago around the world there were 1,500 models connected on one page; currently there can be 6,000 models online on the same page, which means that in the last 3 years the growth has been almost 400%. However, for customers, intense competition among models will improve the quality of services. They will be able to explore their fantasies in ways that have never been imagined before.

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