Make Online Dating a Little Bit Easier

It seems as though people in nearly every age range have an online dating story these days. Anyone under the age of 30 likely has extensive experience with trying their luck in the online dating pool and even the best of us have had mixed results.

That is why being older and trying the online world of dating can be something of an adventure. Finding mature singles is something that is still in its infancy on the whole. Older generations are just now beginning to put their trust and faith in the online dating process, and it comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Believe it or not, however, the process of finding someone with a bit of life experience has all the same rules and suggestions that should be followed by someone in their early 20s. Online dating is definitely not a science, but there are a few tips to follow that can certainly help to mitigate some of the frustrations involved in the process.

Stay Safe

One of the biggest concerns about online dating of any kind is what you will get when you meet the person in the real world. For most of us, the process is equally awkward and uncomfortable, something we can laugh off on the first date.

Unfortunately, there are some dates that go beyond awkward and weird. We’ve all heard the horror stories, too. The key here is to remain safe while going on these dates. Let someone – a friend or family member – know that you are going on a date. Avoid going straight over to someone’s home, as that should raise instant red flags.

Be Honest About Yourself

There is one commonality in the online dating world and that is the embellishment of profiles. It makes sense, too, as it is awkward and weird to dissect your personality to describe yourself for online dating profiles. Between that and a desire to impress, profiles can get skewed pretty quickly.

This is why you need to be honest with yourself. Don’t be brutally honest, but don’t try to sugar coat things either. When you do eventually meet a person for the first time, any untruths or lies will become apparent pretty quickly.

This only leads to discomfort and awkwardness that could have been avoided. Be honest with yourself – and your picture – and you’ll be off to a good start.

Be Selective

Perhaps the biggest benefit of online dating is that it allows you to be picky. There are millions of users out there all looking for love, and settling is definitely not something that you need to do. There’s a fine line between being picky and too picky, but don’t settle for the first thing that comes along.

Even if 80% of the pool is not ideal for you, there’s another 20% that will align with your interests and check the boxes on your wishlist. Be picky by being selective.

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