The Pregnant Orgasm— What They’re Not Telling You

You’ve heard about the birds, the bees, the hormones and the babies… But has anyone talked to you about your orgasm?

Unless you’re plumbing the depths of pregnant porn, it’s unlikely that your Mommy and Me group has touched on the wild world of pregnant sex and all that it can offer. Specifically in the orgasm department. Pregnant porn stars may not be putting on those wild faces of orgasmic bliss— instead there’s actually a really good chance that the sex they’re having is just that satisfying.

Believe it or not, some of the changes the body goes through during pregnancy doesn’t just make a happy home for your future child, but it also primes your lady parts for some seriously enjoyable sex. Which could change depending on the stage of pregnancy you’re in. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best moves to complement your body changes and your orgasmic opportunities. All with a little help from real life mother’s to be and the pregnant porn goddesses you’ll soon love.

First Trimester

“Hated every second of it. I was sick, tired, and just didn’t feel like doing anything.”

-Lilian, 25 Finance Manager 

The first trimester can definitely get a bit dicey, especially if you get stuck with the pain and nausea that normally accompanies it. However, for some women, this can actually translate into some really great sex— for both themselves and their partners. An increase in sensitivity to breasts and genitals can lead to some pretty intense sensations. Don’t celebrate just yet though, for many women, these feelings of elation also come complete with ‘false starts’— sort of like unplanned edging. Where you’ll be on the brink of bliss one minute, and feeling like you’re ready to puke the next.

Best Positions: Depending on how you’re feeling, things like foreplay, oral sex, and using fun toys for mutual masturbation might be the best way to go. This way you can both get your kicks without having to jostle each other around too much.

Second Trimester

“This was the first time in my life— and my career— that I had ever genuinely experienced multiple orgasms. Just one after the other. Bam, bam, bam! It was incredible”

-Stacey* 28, former erotic entertainer

The second trimester is generally the golden hour (or golden three months) for mind-blowingly great sex. At this point, you’ve already got a heady cocktail of swirling hormones, better downstairs lubrication, way more blood flow to your sensitive areas, and all those aches, pains, and nausea you experienced in T1 are a thing of the past. At this point, you should be having any and all the sex you’re feeling ready for. That’s because for most women, orgasms are not only easier to achieve at this stage— but they also feel much more intense. Not to mention they add a nice little hormone dump to your already heaving supply— so the lovey, cuddly, happy sensations you experience after sex, might just be boosted two-fold.

Best Positions: Depending on how much you’re showing, most positions are enjoyable. However, this is definitely the time to shake things up from the norm, as slight changes to your internal anatomy can help previously uncomfortable acts feel incredible, or make the old reliable ones less impressive. We suggest spooning or propped up doggy style.

Third Trimester

“[The third trimester] So hit or miss for me. Sometimes I would feel really horny, and other times I wouldn’t want to be touched with a barge pole.”

-Lauren 31, Hospitality 

Massive preggo belly, surging hormones, suffocating water weight— there are a number of things that happen in the home stretch that aren’t exactly ideal for feeling sexy, or even motivated. However, there are also a number of things that make sex during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester is incredible: smaller, but more frequent clitoral orgasms and increased flexibility (thanks relaxing!). Whether or not you’ll feel up for getting down could change heavily throughout the day or week, so the best advice is to seize the opportunities as they come. And definitely check out some pregnant porn for ideas about creative, fully gravid, positions.

Best Positions: Legs up missionary, face to face, and reverse cowgirl. It’s also a great time to introduce sex toys and lots of other types of stimulation and foreplay.

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