The story behind the sugar baby pheonomenon

In our hyperconnected society, the game of seduction increasingly passes through dating sites and applications to catch. Also, it’s not so surprising that the number of sugar babies is increasing. The motivations of these young adults looking for a sugar daddy (or sugar mama) – a rich person who buys gifts and gives him money – are diverse: some are really in need, others just want to afford the luxury of going to Beyoncé’s next concert. Anyway, the daddy must have some wheat.

Popular in the United States, this phenomenon has recently developed in the United Kingdom, where students are struggling to make ends meet because of exorbitant university fees and the cost of living. This week, the main sugar babies-sugar daddies linking site announced that more than 250,000 British female students were registered on its platform. This is 40% more than the previous year. This kind of relationship has existed since the 1920s; it was at this time that the terms “sugar baby” and “sugar daddy” were coined.

Knowing that David Cameron’s Conservative government intends to abolish some scholarships for students, the situation is certainly not going to get better. If some are asking for more public aid, sugar babies will seek financial support elsewhere. But why do so many young women (young men are less numerous) resort to this kind of arrangement in the UK?

We interviewed Rachel, a 22-year-old student at the University of Leeds in northern England. She signed up for a sugar babies platform four years ago. Her 14 sugar daddies helped her finance her master’s year and build a network. And, as surprising as it may seem, she never slept with any of them. Of course, his story is just one example among others and all experiences are different.

Rachel is also a webcam girl. She performs live sex shows on webcam girl websites. This job may also be not sexual. She reported that some men are “just here to talk”. In Rachel own words, Cam girl websites users are online sugar daddies. This is even better for her since she does not have to leave the comfort of her bedroom. She has several accounts and log into a different cam girl website dependent on her mood.

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