Your Guide to some of the most common sex toys and what to expect of them

Sex toys are a dime a dozen. And in the more recent days, we have started seeing more than a few variations to the sex toys we know and love. But despite the variation, there are a few sex toys widely preferred and used by people of different ages and tastes. If you have trouble choosing a sex toy, you can always fall back on these.

Vibrators: The most common time of sex toys, wand vibrators have existed for as long as sex toys have existed. Often the number one thing that comes to mind for people when they hear sex toys, vibrators are ideal for people who like intense stimulation in their nether regions. These can also be used in your non-nether regions and double down as a nipple toy when and if needed.

Dildos: The undisputed number two to vibrators, dildos come in many different shapes and sizes but are primarily shaped like a penis. These go inside your vagina, anus, or mouth and are used in real sex more often than people like to admit. You can find dildos in many different shapes and sizes and customize them to your liking. Some look like realistic penises, while others are more into the realm of fantasy. You can get them in different sizes and materials. Just make sure you know what you are looking for, or it might be easy to get lost when shopping for one.

Anal toys: These are more recent inventions. Anal toys, like the name suggests, are made specifically to stimulate your anus. These toys come in a wide range of options, including butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, and even dildos. When buying or using an anal toy, just make sure any toy you use has a wider base or some other way to pull the toy out. Anal toys with a small base can end up being stuck, and stuck anal toys don’t sound like a good way to visit the ER. Also, make sure that you lube the toy properly before using it.

Sleeves: This one is for the men. More men use sex toys than they would like to admit. Sleeves for men are what vibrators or dildos are to women. It is one of the most commonly used and preferred sex toys. Sleeves are soft tubes that you insert your penis into. You can find it in different shapes and sizes and with different textures inside for stimulation. Sleeves are designed for many different situations and come in many different options. All you need to do is find the one that is akin to your taste.

Penis rings: Often described as cock rings, penis rings are used to elongate the time in the bedroom. These slow the blood flow to the penis when it’s erect. This increases the stimulation and makes your erection harder and long-lasting. But since these go directly into your penis, special attention is required as to the material used in the ring. More often than not, you will find penis rings made of soft and flexible materials. You should be able to easily use and remove them, and materials like silicone, rubber, or leather are perfect for this. Some penis rings come with small in-built vibrators to further increase the sensation. Err on the side of caution when using penis rings. Since they restrict the blood flow to your penis, these can only be used for a maximum of 30 minutes. If you are using it for the first time, take them off at the first sign of pain or discomfort in your nether regions.

Pumps: Also known as penis pumps, vacuum pumps, or just vacuum erection pumps. The best way to describe pumps will be vacuum-like devices that create a vacuum around your nether regions for stimulation. These create suction around your penis, clitoris, vulva, or nipples and can be used in many different situations. Primarily, pumps function by creating a vacuum around your nether regions which increases the blood flow to the area. This increases the sensation and creates a feeling of suction. While some people like the feeling that comes with using pumps, others don’t prefer it that much. These are also used to induce erections and are often used to treat erectile dysfunction, genital arousal disorder, and orgasm disorder. If you want to use pumps for a medical reason, consult your doctor first.

Ben Wa Balls: Ben Wa Balls are also known as kegel balls, or orgasm balls, and are round objects that you put inside your vagina. Other than their obvious purpose, kegel balls can also be used for exercising your kegel/ pelvic floor muscles. Kegel balls come with a certain amount of weight, so you will have to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles to keep them inside your vagina. While these are not widely used, like dildos and vibrators, many people simply like the feel of kegel balls.

Harness: Many people think that harnesses are only used in hardcore sex or BDSM. But on the contrary, harnesses have a simpler purpose. The primary job of a harness is to hold something to your body. This can be a packer, dildo, or any other sort of sex toy. While some harnesses are worn like jockstraps or underwear, others loop throughout the other parts of your body like thigh or arms.

The number of sex toys is only going to increase from here on out. As we continue to become honest with our desires and explore our sex fantasies, we will need products to aid them. While the number of options is huge, it can be exhausting for a beginner to find the perfect toy for usage. If you are purchasing your first sex toy, it’s always a good idea to keep it simple and try out some of the most basic ones.

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